Friday, June 18, 2021

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic web sites are much more than just a simple 'billboard on the Internet.' While web sites create an impression of your company in the minds of potential customers, they also can be a very useful tool in helping to improve service to existing customers.

For example, in the normal course of doing business you might find you need to provide your customers, suppliers or business partners with information contained in your company's files or databases. For some employers, a great deal of their employees' time is consumed by simply having to phone, fax or mail this information - often the same information - repeatedly, wasting valuable time and money. A dynamic web site can answer that problem, as well as many others!

In addition to, and often in conjunction with, our ability to design web sites, our skills also include the ability to create dynamic Intranets (special websites that you and your employees can access only from computers in your office) and dynamic Extranets (special websites that only you and your employees can access via the Internet, protected by passwords and other security measures). Both of these specialized types of sites help you and your employees share vital information swiftly and securely.

Contact Us and let us build a dynamic website solution that increases sales, maximizes profits and lowers both overhead and service costs.